Level of Expertise
Learning Objectives

After the training, participants should be able to answer the following main questions:

  • What is Intellectual Property (IP)?
  • What are Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)?
  • Why should I deal with IP/IPR issues? Why should IP be an integral part of my business strategy? Which are the first steps to be taken?
  • Which IP protection tools exist/can I use (e. g. trademarks, patents etc.)?
  • To which institutions can I turn for help?
  • What do different IP titles cost?
  • How do I perform basic IP searches? Which tools exist?
  • What does counterfeiting mean?
  • What are the basic mechanisms of making money with IP?
  • How do I identify intangible assets and their value for my activity?
  • What does IP management mean?
  • How do I develop an IP policy? What should be included?
  • What are the first steps in developing an IP management strategy?
  • How can I successfully secure and manage intangible assets in potential transnational partnerships /partnership negotiations?
  • What are institutional aspects of IP management?
  • How do I perform basic IP searches?
European IPR Helpdesk Trainer
45 minutes (presentation) + 15 minutes (Q&As)