Level of Expertise
Learning Objectives

Learn more about exploitation of IP rights in H2020 projects. This webinar gives an overall view of the importance of IP rights both through and after the duration of an H2020 project. The most common planning mistakes will be analysed and some practical tips will be given, so that you can make the best out of your H2020 project results.

After the training, participants should have a better understanding of the following:

  • The IP related clauses in the Consortium Agreement: a particular regard to the results of the research.
  • Which are the best means to maximise the value of your IP?
  • Assessing your IP: How can you estimate the value of your IP?
  • Which criteria should be taken into account when it comes to determine how much your IP is worth?
  • Which are the best exploitation strategies and business plans for entering the market?
  • Reap the rewards of your IP: licensing and post deal managing.
European IPR Helpdesk Trainer
60 minutes (presentation) + 15 minutes (Q&A)