• An EEN member based in France writes

    I'm a member of the Enterprise Europe Network. We are very satisfied with the answers provided by the IPR HELPDESK. The answers are very useful for the SMEs we work with. The last queries we submitted to the IPR Helpdesk were treated with high professionalism. Answers were clear, motivated and will help the SME to take a decision. Great support !

  • A Horizon 2020 beneficiary established in Italy tells us

    We would like to specify that we refer to the IPR Helpdesk when other sources of legal advice are not completely satisfactory for us, and up to the present the choice has been successful. So thank you very much for your support.

  • A Horizon 2020 participant based in the US tells us

    Thank you very much for your greatly informative and speedy response! It is much appreciated.

  • An EEN member writes

    The website is great as it is. I like how the design is very simple and clean without much clutter. It is very straighforward and easy to use.

  • A Spanish researcher writes

    Very helpful and very professional service. Congratulations!

  • An EEN member in the UK tells us

    Thanks again for another great helpdesk response. I am now talking my client through the points addressed and we will get back to you if required. Keep up the excellent work, we really appreciate it.