• A Spanish researcher tells us

    It was my first time applying for support. I am impressed by the fast, easy-to-read and high-quality information I have received. Thank you for your work.

  • A UK-based SME writes

    Profuse thanks for your generous reply, which addresses many of the points we were considering. We will work through it carefully and get back in touch.

  • A SME from the Netherlands wrote

    IPR and legal support for SME's is extremely valuable. The more extensive this service is, the better.

  • An Austrian user says

    We have used the IPR helpdesk two times and the quality of the feedback has always been excellent. Very helpful!

  • An EEN member in the UK tells us

    Thanks again for another great helpdesk response. I am now talking my client through the points addressed and we will get back to you if required. Keep up the excellent work, we really appreciate it.

  • A UK-based IRC let us know

    The service of the European IPR Helpdesk was well promoted at the EEN UK and Ireland conference in May. Thanks you.