• A user from a Spanish university writes

    To contact the European IPR Helpdesk is the only legal help concerning FP7 contracts that is available to us, because our own legal department has little to no knowledge about the FP programme (even the English language in itself poses a problem!). So for entities like us public (university) it is of great value to have your support. Thank you very much.

  • A Spanish researcher writes

    Very helpful and very professional service. Congratulations!

  • A Spanish user writes

    We have met a member of your team in a meeting organized by our mother organization. Team, keep working professionally!

  • Feedback from an Italian research institution

    I think it will be important for all researchers (fellow and host institution) to receive information about your activity during the MARIE CURIE ACTIONS road show.

  • A user from Japan says

    I was pleased with the level of details and rapidity of the answer I got. Great job!

  • Feedback from a German SME

    I now understand better how the Helpdesk would like to provide help. The user shall attempt to provide something that should be corrected and commented and the helpdesk will provide the professional touch and feedback. Eventually, the helpdesk can provide testimonies that reflect how the helpdesk can add values to the users.