• Feedback from a satisfied Spanish research institution

    Thanks to the assistance of the European IPR Helpdesk, we restarted the negotiation process with the beneficiary of our Marie Curie Action Project and hopefully we will reach a fair Partnership Agreement on the allocation of the foreground’s ownership. The support of the European IPR Helpdesk provided us with solid arguments to establish a sound framework of negotiation in which all partners feel secure. As a result of the European IPR Helpdesk’s advice, the beneficiary feels more confident on the consistency of the Partnership Agreement with the FP7 regulations and all the partners gained more clarity on their rights.

  • A SME from the Netherlands wrote

    IPR and legal support for SME's is extremely valuable. The more extensive this service is, the better.

  • A frequent user (University) of the helpline writes

    I would like to stress once more the importance of the IPR Helpdesk for entities such as ours, public universities, which have no budget for legal assistance in this matter. Our own legal services have little to none experience with the Framework Programme and are often not capacitated to even process information in English. In any case, without the Helpdesk we would [...] remain in a disadvantageous position [...] in the consortium. Now, on the contrary, we feel protected and supported. Thank you again and please continue this excellent service.

  • A National Contact Point based in Finland says

    Thank you for an excellent answer. It's the first time I've used the IPR Helpdesk and service quality seems to be spot on!

  • A Horizon 2020 participant based in the US tells us

    Thank you very much for your greatly informative and speedy response! It is much appreciated.

  • A Spanish researcher writes

    Very helpful and very professional service. Congratulations!