• A Spanish researcher writes

    Very helpful and very professional service. Congratulations!

  • A UK-based user writes

    Thank you very much for your recent advice, which is presented very clearly and concisely. When making factsheets or newsletters about our results we have always checked the content with the author partner, and also with the whole consortium before releasing material publicly.

  • A UK-based IRC let us know

    The service of the European IPR Helpdesk was well promoted at the EEN UK and Ireland conference in May. Thanks you.

  • Feedback from an SME based in Spain

    Thank you very much for your prompt response. We will take into account your advice before taking actions. Thank you for your support and your collaboration.

  • An EEN member writes

    The website is great as it is. I like how the design is very simple and clean without much clutter. It is very straighforward and easy to use.

  • Feedback from a German SME

    I now understand better how the Helpdesk would like to provide help. The user shall attempt to provide something that should be corrected and commented and the helpdesk will provide the professional touch and feedback. Eventually, the helpdesk can provide testimonies that reflect how the helpdesk can add values to the users.