How should the results of the CIP projects and other EU funded projects be treated and protected?

In accordance with the provisions of the model Grant Agreement (when applicable), valuable results (capable of industrial or commercial application) should be protected. Protection is not mandatory in all cases, though the decision to leave results without protection should preferably be made in consultation with the other project partners, which may wish to overtake ownership.

Is it mandatory to grant access rights in CIP projects?

In some projects it is necessary to grant access rights to the pre-existing information (results, know how, etc, all these named “background”) and/or to the results generated under the project (“foreground”) when the other consortium partners need them to carry out their own work under the project or to use and exploit their own foreground.

Thus, it is advisable to consult the applicable Grant Agreement in order to check whether in your concrete project it is or not mandatory to grant such rights.

Are there specific Intellectual Property (IP) rules for CIP programmes?

The IP rules applicable to CIP projects are mainly established in the Grant Agreement applicable to the specific programme (for instance: Eco-Innovation, ICT PSP, etc.).

Potential participants in these projects should, therefore, check the model Grant Agreement, as well as all the documentation provided by EACI in the webpage for specific calls.