What are the rights related to copyright?

Related rights are the rights that have a specific subject matter and protect the interests of certain group of right holders, such as:

- performers;

- producers (of phonograms, films);

- broadcasting organisations;

- publishers in their editions.

These are rights granted to performers, producers and broadcasters to ensure that those who have created or invested in the creation of music, or other content such as literature or films, can determine how such a creation can be used and receive remuneration for it.

What rights does copyright provide?

Copyright is an intellectual property right, that entitles the owners of literary and artistic works to a set of exclusive rights over their works. These rights, generally, include:

- copying;

- translating;

- adapting and altering;

- communicating and performing to the public;

- distributing;

- renting and lending copies.

Copyright grants two kinds of prerogatives:

- economic rights;

- moral rights;