We are pleased to inform you that Issue 28 of the European IPR Helpdesk Bulletin has been published and is now available online.

This Bulletin issue is largely dedicated to IP and research focusing on the crucial role played by IP in the context of research activities and how IP is managed by research institutions.

WIPO introduces us to institutional intellectual property policies and explains how it can assist on this matter.

OpenAIRE talks about open access and the different ways to make research results freely available under this practice while, Dr Dragan Indjin, a COST Action Chair and Grant Holder, shares with us his sucess story and his experience in this field.

Dr Claudia Tapia, from 4iPCouncil, explains how to collaborate in research projects while keeping IP business protected and, the European champion - TECNALIA, a Spanish research and technological development centre, describes to us its experience in IP management in the context of research projects.

Then, the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) summarises the initiatives and programmes the FNR provides for research projects.

As a closure to these articles and interviews, Professor Jennifer Littlechild, coordinator of the ERA-net project THERMOGENE, tells us in an interview about her experience in research projects and the importance of IP and IP management for their success.

As per usual, the Bulletin reports information about the European IPR Helpdesk’s past and future events together with the latest updates from our Helpline service. This time, you will also find a short article regarding the Autumn Meeting for the European IPR Helpdesk Ambassadors that was held in Brussels.

Finally, we invite you to test your knowledge on patent searching with our usual patent quiz and try to solve our brand-new IP and
research multiple choice test.

You can find our Bulletin here.

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