If you want patent protection in more than one EU Member State, it is possible to file patent applications directly in each of the national patent offices of the countries where you seek protection. Another option that you have is to use the European Patent Convention (EPC), which allows you to register patents in more than one European country through a single application. In this way, even though you file only one patent application, you will be granted as many patents (usually called European patents) as the number of countries you have designated. These patents are then treated as national patents in each of the designated countries. You will find information on the countries where this procedure is available here.

For further information on the procedure to file a patent under the European Patent Convention, we suggest that you consult the following links:

(i)    Guide for Applicants, prepared by the EPO

(ii)   Information on how to apply for a European Patent, also prepared by the EPO

Please note that filing a patent application is highly technical and has important implications in terms of cost and time. Therefore, we encourage you to seek legal advice before taking the decision to submit any patent application.