The UK Minister of State for Intellectual Property, Baroness Neville Rolfe, has confirmed that the UK will continue with preparations for ratification over the coming months to bring the Unified Patent Court (UPC) into operation as soon as possible. She further added that “as for as long as we are members of the EU, the UK will continue to play a full and active role”.

Under the new Unitary Patent regime, businesses will be able to protect and enforce their patent rights across the EU (within 26 Member countries: except Spain and Croatia) with a single patent and through a single patent court. However, ratification of the agreement on the UPC is an obligatory step for the Unitary Patent system to enter into force, and the UPC agreement will need to be ratified by at least 13 states, including France, Germany and the United Kingdom to become effective. 

Following the recent Referendum on BREXIT, there were discussions regarding the UK’s decision on this process since the UK has not ratified the agreement yet - together with Germany. With this current statement, it is confirmed that the UK continues to take the necessary steps for the ratification proceedings.

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