Deadline extended until 30 April 2019: Take part in the recent stakeholder consultation by the European Commission which was launched to evaluate the current EU legislation on design protection. In the light of the growing economic importance of design protection an an important means for innovation and the development of new products, there is an increasing need for accessible, modern, effective and consistent legal protection for design rights in the EU.The purpose of this public consultation is to gather stakeholder evidence and views in order to support the evaluation of Directive 98/71/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 October 1998 on the legal protection of designs (‘Design Directive’) and of Council Regulation (EC) No 6/2002 of 12 December 2001 on the Community designs (‘Community Design Regulation’). The consultation activities, together with other relevant information coming from supportive studies, monitoring data etc., shall help the Commission to draw conclusions on the need for improvement, modernisation and further harmonisation of the above-mentioned legal acts. You can contribute to this consultation by filling in the online questionnaire. The feedback period ends on 30 April 2019.