title image of les nouvelles

The Licensing Executive Society International (LESI) and the European Patent Office (EPO) have teamed up for a special issue of "les Nouvelles" - the journal of the LESI - shedding light on the strategic use of IP by high-growth technology businesses for commercialization of their innovations and technologies.  

"Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are key users of the European IP system, creating new technologies, jobs and growth. This special issue of les Nouvelles demonstrates how SMEs are using patents and other IPRs to commercialize their inventions with increasingly innovative IP strategies", says António Campinos, President, European Patent Office, in the foreword of the publication.

And Audrey Yap, President, LES International, adds: "In times of crisis, innovation is more important than before, as new solutions will be needed to solve the problems the
world faces. Many of these innovations are created by SMEs. It is therefore important to ensure that SMEs understand how to use intellectual property to facilitate commercialization of often essential technologies and innovations, and to attract partners and investment to scale up their businesses rapidly."

While "les Nouvelles" is usually accessible to LES members only, this special edition is being made available to the public in full.

You may download the PDF here.