How can SMEs use intellectual property to their advantage? And how can they adapt their business models and develop the IP management capabilities they need?

As part of a book about how today’s winners are lining up their IP, Dr Christian Hackl of Helpdesk partner TUM-Tech and Thomas Bereuter (European Patent Office) discuss the role that IP played in the dynamic growth of the SME Orcan, an innovator in generating power from waste heat. The former university spin-out commercialises innovative waste-heat power generators comprising standard components designed for a broad range of applications. Due to market entry barriers, the company had to make an early pivot from a technology provider to a business model oriented towards product sales, taking the arduous path of developing and installing standalone products by themselves.

The article is based on one of a series of case studies launched by the European Patent Office in 2017.

The IP journey of Orcan has also been outlined in one of our recent European IP Helpdesk case studies: Have a read!