PATENTSCOPE contains over 83 million patent and related documents to enable comprehensive searching of patent information and has features such as multi-lingual search capabilities and an automatic AI-based translation system. The new COVID-19 functionality allows to easily access thousands of documents with potential use to innovators working on COVID-19.

The new system will provide scientists, engineers, policymakers and industry actors with a source of intelligence for improving the detection, prevention, and treatment of diseases such as the novel coronavirus.

WIPO Director General Francis Gurry commented: "Given the drastic impact of the COVID-19 crisis on human health and welfare, the world needs easy access to every bit of information available for the successful innovation in the pursuit of vaccines, treatments and cures. Patent documents are rich sources of technological know-how acquired by humans over the centuries. (…) WIPO's new patent-searching tool will help disseminate information on technologies that others may build upon for the global fight against COVID-19."