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For hundreds of years, European inventors have created new products, services and business models, improving the way people around the world live and work. The recently launched #HiddenInventors campaign by the European Non-Profit ThinkYoung in collaboration with Ericsson, aims to celebrate European inventors - past, present and future—putting the spotlight on inventors few of us have heard of, but whose inventions we all know and use.

The campaign will also highlight the importance of Intellectual Property policies at the European level to encourage creative potential in pursuit of Europe’s technological competitiveness. The organisers want to inspire young Europeans from all backgrounds to harness their imaginations for the benefit of society, while ensuring that the individuals behind those innovations are not only admired, but that their rights are protected.

Billboards around Brussels, a virtual policy roundtable, visits and presentations in schools as well as a series of online Q&As with European inventors will celebrate the passion, drive and intelligence of individuals whose inventions changed our world for the better. By revealing Europe’s ‘Hidden Inventors’ – masterminds behind common, everyday innovations – the joint initiative will highlight the crucial role inventiveness can play as the EU emerges from the COVID-19 crisis and embarks on a transition to a greener and more digital economy.

Next events:

  • Thursday 22 October 2020: Live O&A with Jaap Haartsen, the inventor of Bluetooth.
  • Thursday 29 October 2020: Virtual policy roundtable with EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.