2020 has thrown the world for a loop: COVID-19, its implications and global consequences have been grabbing our attention like little else. While the coronavirus pandemic has caused tremendous loss and pain for people worldwide affecting our lives in ways never imagined possible, it has also had an impact on intellectual property (IP) offices around the globe. Over the past couple of months, many thousands of trademark applications related to COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic have been filed around the world. The most common trademark applications are for medical equipment, while others are attempting to register trademarks for games or clothing items, such as sweatshirts and hats sporting a KEEP CALM AND CORONAVIRUS ON slogan. Even though these opportunistic attempts at virus-related trademarking are in bad taste, brand protection is now more important than ever. A good trademark strategy should be in place well before disaster strikes, however.

Against this backdrop, the present Bulletin will dive into the at first glance seemingly intricate waters of trademark application and management.

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The European IP Helpdesk editorial team

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