IP Booster EUropean Commission

The European Commission is funding a service to provide specialised, professional IP advice to European Universities and Public Research Organisations. Are you:

  • Generating high-quality research, and eager to improve its impact on the market?
  • Trying to better address IP issues associated with commercialisation? 
  • Searching for experts who can help you develop a successful intellectual property strategy?

The European Commission’s IP Booster is a free service designed to help you address these challenges. Carefully selected IP, technology and business strategy experts can examine your research and guide your teams to develop the best intellectual property strategies for your organisation. The service can help you to:

  1. Determine what type and what amount of IP protection you need for your project’s intellectual assets, and whether you need to acquire rights to third party IPRs
  2. Design a patent landscape so that you can clearly identify which commercialisation pathways are best for your research
  3. Conduct a thorough due diligence assessing the quantity and quality of IP assets generated by your project and estimate their future value
  4. Prepare your project’s patent, design and trademark applications
  5. Provide advice and support in negotiating technology transfer agreements

To apply for the IP Booster support, please check the eligibility criteria on the IP Booster service website. The calls are continuously open, and the next round of applications will close early next year.