The European Commission has recently released their Research and Innovation Performance report with an analysis of the EU's Science, Research and Innovation Performance.

The report includes 11 policy recommendations with three main pillars:

  • Research & Innovation for a safe and just space for humanity;
  • Research & Innovation for global leadership;
  • Research & Innovation for economic and societal impact.                          

A key message is that further efforts are needed to translate research results into sustainable, marketable solutions, to build a strong European Research Area and to increase the effectiveness of the public research systems. According to the report the EU's next Research and Innovation Framework Programme Horizon Europe will play a key role in intensifying and managing R&I efforts in the near future.

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth said:

“Research and innovation is at the core of the response to the unprecedented crisis we are facing and can significantly contribute to the economic recovery. The 2020 Science, Research and Innovation Performance report shows how research and innovation are central to bring about the ecological and digital transitions Europe needs. Horizon 2020 and the future Horizon Europe programme play a crucial role in this transformation.”