The Fair Standards Alliance has published a useful guide on “Core Principles and Approaches for Licensing of Standard Essential Patents" (CWA2), which is now available online.

The CWA2 project was launched within the framework of a so-called CEN CENELEC Workshop Agreement, with the support of Deutsche Institut für Normung (DIN). 

56 organisations from a diverse range of industries, as well as industry associations representing hundreds more, have worked to develop a CWA setting out policy approaches that may be helpful to companies, individuals and policy-makers in evaluating SEP licensing. The CWA2 participants include large and small European and international businesses, SMEs and associations from many different industry sectors. Its efforts have generated substantial public interest, including from the European Commission and various industry organisations. 

CWA2 identifies six core principles to foster a FRAND outcome when engaged in licensing negotiations, and provides policy principles and best practices.