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Design rights are exclusive rights that protect the appearance of a product, or a part of it, provided it is new and has individual character that sets it apart from any pre-existing designs that could be known about (however old). Businesses register designs to strengthen their competitive advantage, prevent work from being copied and build assets for value creation. This means that the absence of design protection can be detrimental on those dimensions.

Launching 4 Reasons 4 Design Rights today, 4iP Council provides yet another interactive web guide created to help innovative European businesses, especially SMEs, to understand the strategic value of intellectual property.

The fourth and final element in a series of guides shines a light on four key benefits of using design rights: exclusivity, commercialisation, reputation and value, and breaks these down simply into methods for value-creation with clickable case studies, orientation links, examples and facts.

As for the previous guides on patents, copyright and trademarks, the European IP Helpdesk alongside other cooperation partners has contributed to the content of this concise, fun and "hands-on" publication.

Additional useful material next to special SME Features can be found in the "4SMEs" section of the 4iP Council website.

Moreover, the team of the popular IP Blog IPKat have taken a look at the guide and share their views in this brand new post.

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