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The value of IP lies in the fact that it turns intangible assets into exclusive rights which companies can exploit and generate a return from their R&D activities. However, the efficiency of exploiting IP rights very much depends on following strong enforcement strategies, and it may not be very straightforward for an SME to employ efficient enforcement mechanisms. That is why in this SME Corner issue, we once again want to underline the significance of IP enforcement for SMEs.

Trade secrets are important components in the world of business, and that require high attention.

Managing IP for businesses -especially for SMEs- is becoming more and more important in order to survive in today’s highly competitive markets. 

Either through participating in trade fairs or with contractual agreements, IP commercialisation is of great importance to SMEs as the main objective of a business is to turn its assets into commercially viable products or services.

When an SME decides to enter foreign markets, there are many key issues to be considered regarding intellectual property: How to protect IP, how to enforce IP rights, where to get advice, when to act, where to start, and more…