Attribution to Automated Licensing on Blockchain

Creative Barcode

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Launched in 2010, Creative Barcode is a digital Intellectual Property Registration system that enables Creators of innovation; design and copyright work to confirm the owner, name of Creator/s; time stamp; accurate source credit and asset usage terms. The system automatically generates a Registration Certificate, IP Tag/URL and unique QR code containing ownership, usage and licensing terms, as applicable for each concept, project, pitch or completed item of work. The system is engineered to automate the insertion of the IP tag directly into the IP asset and send it to the user for immediate distribution online. Thereby the ownership and usage data travels with the asset and is swiftly accessible to those wishing to use it.

Paul Smith Design  Photography

IP Tags are automatically inserted within an image travelling with it to ensure ownership and usage terms are always accessible.


As an innovator in the IP sector Creative Barcode evaluates new tech in context to its ability to improve efficiencies, trust and transparency. It began research into the benefits Blockchain tech could bring to the IP sector back in 2015. At that time IP use cases were in their infancy.  

Blockchain tech can enhances provenance, transaction transparency as well as increase accuracy and speed of distribution of royalties. It is enabling new business models designed for creative industries to emerge.

For Creative Barcode the exciting benefit of Blockchain technology is the ability to empower Creators, whether individuals or major content owners, to transact directly with end users on a level playing field and receive instant payment in the currency of their choice including crypto.
Additionally, end users of works (licensees) will be able to purchase use of the asset via the asset itself and receive it in a file format best suited to their publishing format, automatically.
Smart contracts will manage the majority of tasks including delivery of asset to licensee on immediate clearance of license fee payment; fast delivery of license fees to creator and where applicable commission % direct to their agents.

Automated licensing will significantly improve the efficiency of licensing and thus enable usage fees to be more palatable. As such inadvertent infringement will reduce as will the ‘take the risk and hope that no copyright infringement demand turns up’ approach.

It is Creative Barcode’s belief that if users [of copyright works] can easily and instantly access the Creator, usage terms and costs, they will abide by them or move on to find another item with terms better suited to their need.

The right business model incorporating Blockchain tech will reduce human intensive admin and implementation tasks and lead to more accessible license fees and confidence in legal compliance.  Compelling characteristics of mutual benefit to Creators and users of copyright works.
Blockchain tech incorporated into both existing and new offerings will inspire business model innovation leading to licensing efficiency; faster and more accurate royalty distribution and the preserve of creative and cultural history.

Creative Barcode is seeking to hook up with an appropriate set of tech and content partners to deliver an innovative and sustainable business model.