Introductory Article: The Enormous Potential of Blockchain

Blockchain technology is certain to have a tremendous bearing on how we do business and manage Intellectual and Industrial Property in the future. Read this introductory piece by our author Alexander Weir and learn why.

Best Practice: Automated Licensing with Creative Barcode

Launched in 2010, Creative Barcode is a digital IP registration system enabling creators of innovation, design and copyright work to confirm the owner, name of creators, time stamp, accurate source credit and asset usage terms. Read the full story!

Interview: IP and Blockchain in the Pharma Industry

Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are said to have a major impact on IP protection and management. We have talked to Dr Birgit Clark and Ruth Burstall about their impact on the IP-intensive pharma industry.

Article: Applying and Protecting Blockchain Technologies

While the first blockchain distributed ledger was developed for bitcoin to address trust, transparency and accountability, applications have become more diverse. Read the article by Howard Read (Appleyard Lees) to learn more!

In a Nutshell: A Few Facts about Blockchain and IP

What is blockchain? What are smart contracts? What are the benefits for SMEs? And why is blockchain a perfect fit for patents? Our author Pascal Asselot (IPwe) sums up some key facts about blockchain and IP.

European IPR Helpdesk Annual Event on Blockchain Technologies

Digital Transformation, IP and Blockchain: Our 2018 annual event in Brussels will put a spotlight on the impact of Blockchain Technologies on Intellectual Property. Register now for 12 December 2018 in Brussels and listen to inspiring keynote addresses.