Wednesday, 16.09.2020
16:00 CET
4iP Council
Dr Hayleigh Bosher

Are you a musician, artist or working in the music industry? Or interested to know what the difference is between two songs that sound similar and a copyright infringement law suit? Learn about copyright, how it protects music and when the law says a song is infringing another in this new 4iP Council webinar.

The online session on 16 September 2020 will address the following:

  • Why copyright is important for musicians, artists, producers and those working in the music industry.
  • The basics on what copyright is.
  • How music copyright works, and how it is split up into different elements (lyrics, song, recording).
  • When it is copyright infringement or taking inspiration in song writing?
  • Recent copyright infringement case law and the impact on music creation.

Dr Hayleigh Bosher is an internationally published legal academic, speaker and legal consultant specialising in intellectual property, media and entertainment law. She is a Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at Brunel University, London and regular blogger for The IPKat.