We are pleased to inform you that the ninth issue of the European IPR Helpdesk Bulletin has been released and is now available on-line.

A central thread of this European IPR Helpdesk Bulletin is related to the efficient management of intellectual property (IP) as a tool for commercial gains. From a brief description of an interesting tool put at the disposal of organisations by the Danish patent and trade marks office (DKPTO), to test the efficiency of their strategy, to two others article on IP commercialisation highlights and using customs for intellectual property enforcement, you will be given suggestions and recommendations on how make the most of your intangible assets.

An article specifically on trade marks will tell you that a good brand incontestably brings an added value to the organisations, but the success of the trade mark requires a solid and well prepared strategy. In addition to that, a case study will put forward the way a University Technology Transfer Division can facilitate the process of connecting industry with research institutes (and vice versa) and to actively support the cooperation as a whole.

The usual quiz, information about the new Ambassador scheme and other events of interests will close our quarterly publication, which we hope will be thought-provoking!

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