We are pleased to inform you that the sixth issue of the European IPR Helpdesk Bulletin has been released and is now available on-line.

In this new Bulletin issue you will find a first article which focuses on the importance and value of the knowledge management within an organisation. From this number on, we wish to start a series on do-it-yourself tools to give you some hints on how to protect, value and exploit your intangibles without necessarily incurring considerable expenditure. An article explains how a registering barcode service for innovation concepts, creative works and written proposals works and how to take advantage of it. Structure and content of a website are equally relevant from an intellectual property rights (IPR) perspective. In the first of two articles putting forward the IPR implications when building a website, a particular focus will be given on the main IPR-related issues linked to the website structure.

This publication will also put forward the significance of Field Operational Test (FOT) programmes for beneficiaries of EU-funded projects, as well as the importance to them of setting up an efficient IP management to fully exploit the economic potential of project results. As always, you will enjoy a new Espacenet Quiz and glossary as well as an update of some of the past and upcoming events and training.

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