Trade marks and copyright on copyright

Submitted by leslynowak on Tue, 02/11/2020 - 12:30

Welcome once again to the wonderful world of IP news.

Helly Hansen vs. Off-White

Helly Hansen (HH) has filed a lawsuit against Off-White (OW) claiming trade mark infringement. Indeed, OW has been, apparently, using a logo confusingly similar to HH's stripe logo on goods that are identical and/or similar to the goods offered by HH. Coincidence? HH claims that there is not a chance; according to the owner OW has been doing it with knowledge and with the intent to create a false suggestion of affiliation or connection between these two brands, even though no such connection exists. Here the images so you can judge by yourself:

(the first image belongs to Off-White and the second one from Helly Hansen)

After almost a year since the lawsuit was filed (2019), the parties have come to a settlement and are currently preparing their settlement agreement.

Big Horn infringed Red Bull's trade mark

According to the UK’s High Court, Red Bull’s trade mark has been infringed by one of its competitors “Big Horn”. Indeed, the Court found that Big Horn’s signs were likely to give rise to confusion between consumers (the issue here revolved around a yellow sun in the background with two bulls fighting against the two big horns fighting against the same yellow sun background). In addition, Big Horn is taking unfair advantage of the distinctive character and reputation of the Red Bull trade mark. Here are the two energy drinks side to side for you to make the comparison.