IP and Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is here, again and, unless you have been living under a rock, it is pretty hard to miss the perfume and flower ads, the aisles of heart-shaped chocolate boxes and flowers.  By now, everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is a big business.

Whether you embrace the holiday or run away from it, we can all get some enjoyment from the various intellectual property rights that protect some of the goods associated to this day.

Roses are the most commonly gifted flowers during Valentine’s Day. If you go through the UPOV Genie database you can see that there is actually quite a large number of different roses registered as a Plant Variety. Rosa Pendulina L, a wild rose found in the mountains of central and southern Europe. Rosa Canina, a variable climbing, wild rose native to Europe, northwest Africa and western Asia. Or even the Rosa Wichuraiana, a special rose, parent to many other hybrid roses. (see images below)