Our organisation will take part in a Horizon 2020 project as a beneficiary and we intend to subcontract some of our tasks to third parties. What will be their rights over the results?

In Horizon 2020, third parties do not sign the grant agreement and consequently are not project beneficiaries – for this reason, they do not have any “automatic” rights to the results under the grant agreement, according to which results are owned by the beneficiary generating them.

Do I always have to inform my project partners before transferring my results to a third party?

As a general rule under the Grant Agreement (Article 30.1 of the Model Grant Agreement), each beneficiary may transfer the ownership of its own results. When doing so, the transferor has in principle the obligation to give at least a 45-day prior notice to the other beneficiaries which still have, or may still request, access rights to these results. The advance notice must contain sufficient information in order for these beneficiaries to identify the transferee and assess whether their access rights might be affected by the transfer.

My organisation is interested in applying for EU funding in the framework of the Horizon 2020 programme. If we became partners in a Horizon 2020 project, would we be the owner of the project results?

In Horizon 2020, the main rules applicable to the ownership of project results can be found in the model grant agreement. According to these rules, project results are owned by the beneficiary which generates them. Your organisation would therefore own the results which it has generated.