The European Commission has published the “Innovation Union Competitiveness Report 2011”, which monitors the progress of the EU research and innovation system and provides an economic analysis based on solid data.

One of the key findings of this report is that “while remaining a top player in terms of knowledge production and scientific excellence, Europe is losing ground as regards the exploitation of research results”. Indeed, the data analysed shows that even though the EU has the highest number of peer-reviewed scientific publications in the world, the share of EU Member States' patent applications in the EPO has declined and “about half of the Member States do not produce high-tech EPO patents at all.” To change this state of things, the report highlights the importance of reducing the costs of IPRs, in particular patents.

The report also looks at knowledge transfer in the EU, showing that even though there were some improvements in recent years, the cooperation between public and private sectors is still low.

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