In 2009, the Council and the Commission launched the European Observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy to better understand IPR infringements. Recently, however, the Council and the Parliament adopted regulations requesting that further responsibilities be added to the Observatory. In addition, a recent study commissioned by the Commission recommended that this platform “be upgraded into […] a single point of contact within the EC for external parties, and an international point of creation and dissemination of best practice.

In this context, the Commission published a proposal for a regulation with the objective to add additional responsibilities to the Observatory. According to this proposal, OHIM is entrusted with the management of the Observatory, which includes:

– “delivering independent data and assessments on the scope and scale of counterfeiting and piracy in the internal market;

– exchanging and promoting best practices in relation to public authorities;

– spreading of best private sector strategies;

– raising public awareness;

– evaluating the need for and designing European training programmes for authorities involved in the protection of intellectual property rights, in cooperation with other international and European institutions and agencies;

– carrying out research on technical tools to prevent counterfeiting and piracy; and

– fostering international cooperation and providing technical assistance to third country authorities.”

This proposal still requires formal adoption by the Parliament and the Council. Nevertheless, until then the Commission has signed a Memorandum of Understanding allowing OHIM to provide technical cooperation and support to the Observatory.

European Commission,