Can the owners of the results decide not to protect them and transfer their ownership to a third party (e.g. the inventor)?

The owners of the results generated under an H2020 project can decide not to protect their results and transfer their ownership. The beneficiaries must, however, ensure that their obligations regarding such results apply to the new owner (e.g. protection, dissemination, exploitation, access rights).

Unless agreed otherwise, prior notice about the intention to transfer the results must be given to the other project beneficiaries together with sufficient information concerning the future owner.

We are beneficiaries of a project under the H2020 programme. However, the majority of our results will not be exploited commercially. Do we still have the obligation to protect them?

Each beneficiary under a H2020 project has an obligation to examine the possibility of protecting its results and protect them adequately if such results can reasonably be expected to be commercially or industrially exploited. The form of protection, its duration and geographical coverage should depend on and be adequate for the particular results. Nonetheless, the reference to industrial or commercial applicability means that not all results have to be protected.