Thursday, 11.06.2020
16:00 CET
4IP Council
Prof. Bowman Heiden

This webinar by 4 IP Council will explore the actual value that connectivity in vehicles can bring to society and the different sectors affected. Connectivity is one of the four critical mega-trends facing the automotive industry. These trends are autonomous driving, shared mobility and electrification, yet connectivity is both separate and integrated to these other mega-trends. The importance of connectivity is therefore fundamental to the future evolution of the industry.

This  webinar will provide attendees with:

  • an overview of the connected vehicle market, applications and valuation models
  • quantification of the value of automotive connectivity 
  • implications for business performance, economic welfare, and SEP policy 
  • the chance to address questions to an expert

The full report Prof. Heiden wrote for 4iP Council on this topic can be downloaded here