We are pleased to inform you that the eighth issue of the European IPRHelpdesk Bulletin has been released and is now available on-line.

A number of events in the IP arena characterized this last year, which are pointed out in the Editorial of this issue. One of the highlights of last year was definitely the final agreement reached on the Unitary Patent, putting an end in the discussions that started in the 70's. The first issue of 2013 starts precisely with an article about this new tool.

In the low-cost IP tools series, we present an overview of IPscore. Offered by the European Patent Office (EPO), this management tool aims at utilizing all of the opportunities inherent in patents and patented technologies. The Bulletin then continues with an interesting interview to Kurt Kammerer, CEO of regify S.A., on the importance of a solid IP strategy and how small business can benefit from monetizing their intellectual assets, in particular patents. However, this issue of the Bulletin is not all about patents. The European IPRHelpdesk team member, Roberto d’Erme, brings to us an article on all the advantages of making a strategic use of utility models.

Together with the usual quiz and an article on the European IPR Helpdesk participation in the Enterprise Europe Network Annual Conference 2012, we close this first issue of 2013 wishing you a Happy New Year!

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